Relax, With A Game About Owning A Fish Tank

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Screenshot: Fishkeeper

If Blinkclick Games wanted to make the most relaxing management game possible, they’ve certainly picked the right subject matter with their upcoming Fishkeeper.


It’s a management game in the vein of stuff like Planet Zoo, only on a much smaller scale, since you’re being tasked here with simply...filling a fish tank.

Now we’ve all enjoyed the game’s “European bus management game” soundtrack in that trailer, let’s look at the game’s official description:

Become a professional aquarist! Look after your aquarium by giving fish and other animals food, good conditions and nice company. Multiply and sell the best specimens at auctions. Take care of the fish, and they will repay you with a beautiful appearance that you can admire while cruising in a bathyscaphe!

I love everything about it. Fishkeeper is coming to Steam sometime in the future.

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Bill McNeal

What if it had Leonard Nimoy as a narrator and if the fish talked back?