Relax, They're Not Really Turning Final Fantasy Type-0 Into a Dating Sim

At Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary event yesterday in Japan, Square Enix thought it'd pull a fast one on the audience, putting Final Fantasy Type-0 director Hajime Tabata up to revealing the concept for something called "Tokimeki Final Fantasy: Suzaku Magic Institution Peristylium: Oh no! I'm in Love With the Crystal's Divine Guardian." Aka a dating sim.

Siliconera reports that the "story" involves Khalia Chival XVI, who has just joined the magic academy. "'Players' will have school schedules to follow and you can learn new abilities using the faux Active Lesson System. The goal of the game is to fall in love with various male characters from Final Fantasy Type-0."


It ain't so, folks. The kicker is that this phony game was being developed for smartphones. For those wondering where the hell Final Fantasy Versus XIII is, Tabata said, according to Final Fantasy Network: "Tetsuya Nomura wanted to give the message that he'll soon show the future of Final Fantasy."

Square Enix's 25th Anniversary Prank Turns Final Fantasy Type-0 Into A Dating Sim [Siliconera]

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