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The past nine months have been rough for many Japanese game companies. But those companies didn't release Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy XIII.


Oh, and Square Enix arm Eidos released Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Net sales for Square Enix are up 31 percent and net income is up 48 percent when compared to the same time last year.


"Aimed at mid-and long-term growth for the Square Enix Group, we have made solid progress in our business plan set out at the beginning of the fiscal year," said Square Enix president Yoichi Wada in a prepared statement. "We are pleased with the success of our Final Fantasy XIII launch in Japan on December 17, where we successfully shipped 1.8 million units in this market with a PlayStation 3 installed base of 4 million. And, through our improved localization systems, we were able to set a March launch date in North America and Europe."

Traditionally, Square Enix has survived largely off of Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games. Years in which new titles in these series have been brutal in the past, which meant that Square Enix would have to stuff its face with acorns to survive. But with the addition of Eidos and attempts at diversify, the years without FF or DQ just might be okay.

Final Fantasy XIII will be released this March, at the end of the company's financial year.


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