Reiteration - Assault Heroes 2 This Wednesday

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In case you weren't paying attention around the end of April, Sierra Online's Assault Heroes 2 is this week's Xbox Live Arcade release. The game picks up where the first left off, with our heroes realizing that the enemy the vanquished in their last adventure was merely a pawn of something much more sinister. The new game features enhanced foot combat complete with a dodge roll maneuver, the ability to hijack enemy vehicles (perhaps to ease you away from GTA for five minutes), and combat that takes you over land, sea, and eventually into the depths of space. Assault Heroes 2 hits the 800 MS point sweet spot and will be available early Wednesday morning.


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I'm actually semi-interested in this one but am growing increasingly worried that with GTAIV the week before and AH2 the week after, Wits and Wagers is going to end up all but forgotten. When you can get an online game going — which is less than half the time, unless you're playing with friends — it's probably the most fun a person can have with an XBLA game. That said, the first Assault Heroes was fun and if this is even a slight improvement, it's probably worth the 10 bucks.