Rein, Bleszinski, Dyack, Jaffe, Molyneux - STFU!

Every year E3 comes and goes and we wind up with the same people being quoted over and over again. Is it because we respect their position in the games industry, or is it simply because they won't stop flapping their gums for five minutes to let anyone else get a word in? Crispy Gamer has gathered the most obnoxiously vociferous members of the gaming business together into a little feature they call "The 10 People We Hope Will Shut the F*** Up at This Year's E3". I'm not sure whether I agree with their choices or not...not because they are dubious or's just I'm not sure which of these guys I could take in a fight, and E3 is next week. Nintendo's Reggie has those crazy eyes going for him, and Clifford "The Big Red" Bleszinski could easily be hiding Wolverine-like scrappiness under his cool, collected demeanor. Peter Moore is chiseled from granite...hmmm. I bet I could take the founders of Gamecock, but only by exploiting their penchant for wearing capes.

The best part of the article comes at the end, where they mention the people they want to hear more from. They need to just sit Tim Shafer down in front of a PA system and have him deliver a running commentary for the entire length of the show.

The 10 People We Hope Will Shut the F*** Up at This Year's E3 [Crispy Gamer]


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