Reggie: WiiWare Is For "Truly Innovative" Games, Not Mario

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WiiWare supporters looking for killer apps to define Nintendo's downloadable game service shouldn't pin their hopes on seeing a Mario game hit the virtual platform. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime says it's not the best fit.

"When we're gonna work on a Mario title, we're gonna bring it to Wii or DS," Fils-Aime told Geoff Keighley on the most recent episode of GameTrailers TV. The company announced last year that the Mario and Zelda teams were hard at work on new titles, one of which it recently announced.


"WiiWare's not good enough for Mario? Is that what you're saying?" Keighly questioned.

"That's not the point," Reggie fired back. "The point is, we want truly innovative content to be first launched on WiiWare. That's awfully tough to do with a Mario title."

But could WiiWare be a more appropriate platform to relaunch or spin-off other Nintendo franchises, ones that don't carry the same weight as the Mario Bros. series? The company doesn't do much with its stable of mascots on WiiWare, but perhaps what Nintendo has learned from Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade will give us a chance to play Clu Clu Land Online (or something along those lines that wouldn't be a terrible idea).

"We've always looked at what they've been able to do from an Xbox Live standpoint," Fils-Aime told Keighley in response to what the Nintendo of America exec is "worried about" from a competition standpoint.


"We constantly want to say 'What can we do to be better than Xbox Live?' I think that's certainly the best element of what they've been able to bring to bear."

Oh, I can answer that, Reggie! Wanna take a meeting?

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okay nintendo,

1) get rid of friend codes. just give us gamertags with parental controls so parents can set it up so that kids can only talk to/recieve messages from people they personally add. ive got a ps3, wii, and 360 (well my gfs got the 360), but i never get online with the wii. shoot, i did more gaming online on the dreamcast than i have on the wii. why? because i could just log in and play.. with whomever.

2) add internet capabilities to the vc games. shoot how awesome would it be to play streets of rage or super nintendo street fighter with friends, or just anybody else?! and now that theres going to be arcade games.. it just seems logical now.

3) storage device. c'mon... no explaination needed, sd cards are good, but not enough.