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Reggie Hijacks Nintendo Twitter, Says He's Coming To Your Town

Illustration for article titled Reggie Hijacks Nintendo Twitter, Says Hes Coming To Your Town

Nintendo of America's Twitter account, normally home to perfectly sane product announcements, got a little weird this evening when President Reggie Fils-Aime took over. Our bodies weren't ready.


And just to be sure:

There was even room for gloating. Like, how we was playing Animal Crossing two months before everyone else.


The whole thing seems to have been in aid of Reggie's national tour, where he will come to your town, take your name and kick your ass at something.

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I was one of the few selected to go to this event (Only about 10 of us were picked). For proof: Here's Reggie doing that selfie.

You can see some of my tweets on Twitter, including this obligatory Vine.

It was an amazingly casual event with just a handful of us invited from social networks to attend this VERY exclusive event that was just held in a San Francisco hotel room. Absolutely honored to be invited to such an event...