Regarding A Fake Kotaku Article

An article concocted to attack one of our writers and our publication as a whole several years ago continues to make the rounds, most recently in a video that’s garnered more than 500,000 views on YouTube in the last two days.

This is a fake article.
This is a fake article.

To make it clear to those not able to figure this out on their own: Kotaku has never published an article headlined: “Should Killing Female Gamers In Online Games Be Considered Rape?” Our writer, Patricia Hernandez, never wrote such a thing. It was fabricated to undermine her.

This fake article is as fake now as it has always been. It is a mean-spirited hoax, perpetuated by people who either don’t care that it is fake or can’t be bothered to check. If you have ever believed it was real, you have been duped.

Former Editor-in-Chief. Kotaku forever!


Minimal—or nonexistent—research skills are necessary to buy into confirmation bias.

Thus every fuckheaded idea on the goddamn planet.

I’m sorry this was done to Patricia, but it really would take a navel-gazing moron to believe she’d actually penned the article; the style, word choice, syntax—it’s all wrong.

But, again, why look for facts when “the Internet said it, so it must be true,” corroborates some folks’ shitty fucking persecution complex.

Edit: In case I wasn’t clear, the person who wrote and then appended Patricia’s name to this article is a fuckbag, the folks holding it up as evidence of -anything- are fuckbags, and the folks holding it up as defensible evidence of anything are facile minded shitwagons who probably thought they were “the bestest writer in their ENG 101 course.”