Julien Yuri Rodriguez's grandmother fled Cuba in 1958. She hasn't been back in the real world, but thanks to a virtual reality experience built by her grandson, she can now get close.

Rodriguez, a filmmaker teamed up with Andres Rivera for Paisajes de mi Abuela (My Grandmother's Landscapes), and involved the pair travelling to Cuba and capturing as much footage as they could in order to create a convincing 3D experience (note that it's a 3D film, not a polygonal 3D creation).


Having shown it at a few festivals, Rodriguez and Rivera have also been taking it to the homes of Miami's senior Cuban community. "They are not treating it like it's this technology video game or anything like that", says Rodriguez. "They really feel like they are in these spaces".

For Cuban Refugees, a Return to the Homeland by Way of Virtual Reality [Motherboard]