Reeves: "You don’t grow the market by putting out shoddy machines"

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SCEE president David Reeves had some interesting words when asked about Sony's future plans on growing their global marketplace.


In an interview with, Reeves put some of Sony's market growth strategies down on the table. Besides expanding into Russia, the Middle East, and South America, they're also looking into newer demographics and increasing their software tie ratio. At the end, Reeves threw in a juicy nugget about Sony's continued stance on manufacturing quality hardware.

"We also grow the market through new products – some work, some don’t, that’s just the Sony way. And on that point, another thing we have committed to for supporting market growth is putting out quality hardware – you don’t grow the market by putting out shoddy machines. So we try to make sure that PS3s have a failure rate of just two to three per cent, which is very low by industry standards."


The Xbox 360 has proven, to an extent, that hardware quality doesn't matter in the end. Price does, ultimately. What say you, Kotaku? Would you rather spend $100-$200 less on a PS3 if it increased the chances of your system breaking?

Action ‘Station (MCVUK)

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

People have amazingly short memories.

Launch PS1's had much the same overheating issue that the 360 has, leading to the track the laser was on getting hot and deforming, thus meaning your laser wouldn't read the disk right at all. Or after a while they eye wouldn't rise and lower peoperly. Those were the two most common issues, and the only way to deal with the latter turn your PS1 on it's side or upside down and even then that was only a -brief- fix.

You could tell if a PS1 was suffering from this by putting in a game with a FMV opening, for a while at EB, internal memos even made clear that all incoming traded in PSones were to be tested with games that had long FMV openings or such. We used Tekken at first, then Parasite Eve, which never failed to let us know if someone was trying to offload a struggling system on us.

I went though 3 PS1's before finally getting a Duel Shock

It got to be that on the secondary market, launch day PS1's used and working went for as much as a brand new one, even when Duel Shock launched..because with the disk swap trick, you could play imports. No mod chip, no Pro Action Replay (That was later), nothing at all risky, just swap disks and boom, import heaven.

The laser issue wasn't really fixed till the Duel Shock PS1's came out and even then not completely. It was a drop in the bucket compared to..

DRE. Yes, for about a year and a half after launch, many, many folks had to deal with DRE, caused also by laser track issues. The bad thing is, the PS2 adoption rate was higher then the PS1's, so more people got hit by this. I went thought 5 PS2's one after the other, typically depending on use, it would strike in between the 3-6 month span, sometimes if your lucky..or unlucky, a year. Were it not for the very flexable ESA program EB had at the time, I would have given the magic middle finger to Sony, Also early models would scratch disks if they were standing upright, much like some Xbox 1's and 360's do.