Reel in Augmented Reality Fish (and Humans) Using Takara Tomy's Fishing Reel

Illustration for article titled Reel in Augmented Reality Fish (and Humans) Using Takara Tomys Fishing Reel

Like a fish borne from the ashes of Dreamcast's Bass Fishing comes another wacky Japanese toy: Takara Tomy's Virtual Master Reel. It's an augmented-reality fishing reel that uses its 0.3MP camera to insert your real surroundings into the fishing game.


Unfortunately it's only destined for Japan (where it'll cost the equivalent of $77), but how much fun would it be just chilling in Grand Central station, fishing for some carp? You may have to turn the sound down in public venues, but the feedback when you catch something gilled would be great training for the real thing.


The real thing being catching fishy-wish, not humans obviously. [CrunchGear]

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Before I was born in 1962, one of the joys my dad had was fishing. But as his family grew, he found he had less time to do it, until eventually he gave it up.

But he still loved watching fishing shows on TV, when he had the time to relax.

He died in 1974, before the advent of home video games (other than Pong clones) or home computers. I tell you, if he were alive today, he would have fallen in love with the fishing sims on modern video game systems or computers.

Of course, he would also be (as of the 22nd of this month) 82 years old.

But he still would have done it ^_^.