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Redditor jessmeixing was commissioned by the creators of Royal Guards, a Zelda web series that's currently on IndieGoGo, to paint this piece of concept art of Hyrule Castle from Ocarina of Time. It's pretty darn good, and my crappy GIF really doesn't do it justice, so make sure to check out the original pic below.


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As you raised the point of .gifs, please stop using them. They are incredibly inefficient, large in file size, and cause older machines (such as the ones I use and mobile devices) to run to a cripplingly slow speed whilst they load.

It's an image format from the early 90s, and it should stay that way. We have many more appropriate formats now, such as webm that can be used to much greater effect.

Rule of thumb: If your gif is over 250kb, don't upload it.