Red Steel 2 U.S. Sales At 50,000, Expert Says [UPDATE]

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The Wii-only and well-reviewed samurai Western Red Steel 2 sold about 50,000 copies in the U.S. in March, its first month of release, according to financial analyst Michael Pachter. [UPDATE: Ubisoft comments.]


That follows a halving by publisher Ubisoft of its sales projections for the game. The previous Red Steel, a first-person shooter/sword-fighting game like its sequel, has sold more than a million copies.

The difference between the two Red Steels is not just critical reaction — the first was panned — but a few years. Red Steel, the first Wii game ever revealed, via the cover of Game Informer magazine, was a 2006 Wii launch title.

The sales figures appear poor, at best mediocre, compared to the plus-300,000-copies numbers of the top 10 best-selling games in the U.S. last month, as reported by NPD, which is also the source of Pachter's numbers. The sales also continue the trend of poor numbers for Wii games that were made to appeal to fans of more violent action-oriented games. The best of those games typically sell very well on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and appeared to have a shot early in the Wii's lifespan when the likes of Resident Evil 4's Wii re-make, the first Red Steel, Call of Duty: World At War cracked the million-copy barrier. But recent games of this type, including EA's September Dead Space Extraction (9,000 copies in its first month) haven't come close to appearing in the top 10 charts.


This isn't a case of so-called hardcore Wii games not existing or selling on the Wii but of support for those titles dwindling.

UPDATE: A Ubisoft spokesperson confirmed the sales figures but correctly pointed out that they are based on only a partial month's performance, as Red Steel 2 was released on March 23, less than half a month before NPD's March reporting period ended on April 3. "Considering that the NPD sales only accounted for 12 days on the store shelves and that NPD doesn't include all retailers we are looking forward to a complete month of sales data to see where we stand."


It should be noted that Red Steel 2 creative director Jason VanenBerghe told the live audience of Kotaku Talk Radio last month that a port to the PlayStation 3 was not planned. But the complex motion control system that makes the game special and required a Wii MotionPlus to operate would seemingly function with the PS3's new Move controller.



i got a wii at launch and skipped the first red steel because it was horrible.

so many have "moved on" and gotten ps3s and 360s, but im not that type of gamer. i got a 360 a month after the wii and i got my ps3 in 08 for little big planet. i still use the wii in conjunction with my ps3 and 360.. in fact.. i mostly only play the 360 for xbox live arcade games..

the biggest problem for me with this game is when it was released. i had full intentions of picking it up, but after spendin money on ff XIII and yakuza, and with super street fighter IV comin.. i cant afford it.

i just find it funny that people have been complaining about hardcore titles not being on the wii, but they dont support them. its really the devs faults AND the consumers faults. its even crazier to me when someone announces a hardcore game for the wii, and the internets erupt with "put it on ps360!" its ridiculous.

but with this game here, i think its a number of things that have caused it to tank. the first one was bad and many bought it, people whine about no good games on the wii, but then pass them up, and it came out at a horrible time. ff XIII, bad company 2, splinter cell, god of war 3, just cause 2.. just a terrible time to come out.