No, no, no! You're not eating curry made from Red Pandas. You are eating a panda-shaped meal while you watch those furry critters frolic and play.

IT Media reports that Safariland, an "animal park" in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is now offering "Red Panda Curry." The curry is made to look like a Red Panda (meatballs form its eyes and nose, for example) and is served at the park's restaurant.


The eatery's key draw is that its large glass window is right next to where the Red Pandas are kept, so you can enjoy watching the Red Pandas while eating your Red Panda Curry.

The special dish is priced at 700 yen (US$7) and limited to ten orders each day of the week. Some days it's been selling out, Yahoo News! adds, and it's popular with school kids and young females.

秋吉台サファリランドの「レッサーパンダのカレー」がかわいすぎて食べられない [IT Media]

秋吉台サファリランドで「レッサーパンダカレー」、実際に観察しながら食事も [Yahoo! News]

Photos: 2424249, Yamaguchi Keizai

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