There's long been a complaint that, aside from a select few strategy titles, gamers are never given the chance to play as the Germans in a Second World War game. For better or worse.

But the upcoming sequel to Red Orchestra - Heroes of Stalingrad - will let you do just that. Developers Tripwire say that this is the"first time ever in a first person shooter" that you'll be allowed to play a singleplayer campaign as the Germans.


You'll also play as the Russians, but then, we've done that before. But the Nazis? I certainly can't remember an FPS where you were a fully paid-up member of the Wehrmacht, so it'll be interesting to see how Tripwire go about handling the whole thing.

Hopefully it's a little something like this trailer from my favourite war movie of all time, which is worth watching not just because it shows you can represent the Germans with a little taste, but also because the trailer is narrated by Optimus Prime.

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