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Red Octane Starts Black Friday Early

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Red Octane is kicking off Black Friday a few days early with several amazing deals on older Guitar Hero products, which make perfect gifts for your friends and family who don't know any better. The deals are mainly PlayStation 2 oriented, with Guitar Hero III wired bundles going for only $29.99 and the wireless bundle only $10 more. Along with the PS2 deals there's a PS3 bundle of GHIII for only $39.99, and a two pack of Guitar Hero On Tour for the DS ringing up at $69.98. I suppose you could call it a clearance sale, but that would ruin the spirit of the holidays. Make sure you use the code BF2008 for the wired bundles and BF2K* for everything else, or you bargain hunting will have been for naught. Red Octane's Black Friday Sale [Red Octane - Thanks Stephen]


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Hmm, wish it was Rock Band.