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Red Faction: Guerilla Gets The Collector's Edition Treatment

Illustration for article titled Red Faction: Guerilla Gets The Collectors Edition Treatment

The next millionaire to come out of the games industry will be the home furnishings genius who creates a way of holding and displaying all the special/collector's/exclusive/ultimate editions of games with their outsize, non-standard packaging and collectible figurines. The press release for the Red Faction: Guerilla Collector's Edition doesn't mention any outlandish stunt-packaging so at least you won't have to try and fit a box shaped like a helmet or a colonist's femur or something onto your games shelf. Small mercies. For around $89 you can pick up a copy of the game (Xbox or PS3), plus an 'art' coffee table book, bonus DVD (probably a 'making of' or something) and a 5-inch poly resin Mining Walker statuette with 'pewter hand railings' (er, cool?)Subject: THQ reveals the RED FACTION: GUERRILLA COLLECTOR'S EDITION Importance: High THQ reveals today the Red Faction: Guerrilla Collector's Edition for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System. In stores early 2009, the Collector's Edition includes: - A copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla - A 5 inch-tall mining walker figurine made by Gentle Giant Ltd. Each poly-resin figurine is hand-painted and features real pewter hand railings - A bonus DVD (Xbox 360) / bonus Blu-Ray disc (PS3) - Official art book The Collector's Edition has a suggested retail price of $89.99, and can be pre-ordered now through GameStop retail stores and the company's official website:


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Master Chiefzilla Comes With Built-In Spartan Laser

HOLY $2#7!!! Loved the beta, and especially the sledgehammer. One of the best melees ever in a game. Also, hilarious when a guy knocked down the last pillar in a building and ended up killing himself and his newly respawned teammates. TK FTW!!!!