Red Faction Armageddon's Ruin Mode Is A Laboratory Of Destruction

How many buildings on Mars can you destroy in a minute? What if you were armed with a gun that shoots black holes and another that causes the first thing you shoot to fly into the second thing you shoot?


The upcoming Red Faction Armageddon's newly-revealed Ruin Mode lets you destroy all of buildings and other human constructions on one of five levels that ship with the game. In this mode, you have no combat guns but all the tools for building destruction (and repair) available in the main game. Freeplay Ruin Mode lets you topple and blast all you want. A timed challenge mode lets you aim for a high score. Either way, you get to test the limits of Armageddon's tools of destruction, breaking as much stuff as you can to the point you might worry you're going to break the game.

The Ruin Mode was revealed at PAX East in Boston, where I shot the video here. The game's writer, Drew Holmes, was behind the controls. Red Faction Armageddon will be released on May 31 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Stephen - who is the game's writer? Is it Jason Scott?