Red Dead Redemption "Short Film" Looks A Lot Like A "Trailer"

Here's a trailer for this weekend's Red Dead Redemption "short film", which believe it or not has been done by John Hillcoat, director of The Road and, more importantly, The Proposition.

I say "believe it or not" because it doesn't look any different to the regular trailers for the game. Whether that's a limitation of machinima - the use of in-game assets to create a film - or a pat on the back for Rockstar's marketers I'm not sure, but when a talented Hollywood director (with Western pedigree, no less) is attached to something like this, you hope for something a little more.

Then again, who knows, the final 30-minute "film" may surprise us all!

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"Made from Red Dead Redemption"..

Hmmm.. If it's just footage from the game, not sure how this could be spoiler free, or even coherent given the time frame.

Here's hoping for some kind of prequel..