Red Dead Online Will Let You Make And Sell Moonshine Next Week

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Get ready to make some moonshine, because the next big Red Dead Online update, releasing December 13, will add moonshine running, underground bars, and new missions, as well as a new Outlaw pass and weapon.

Moonshiner is the first new career Rockstar has announced since adding roles in an RDO update in September. This new role, Moonshiner, will be a specialist role and will be accessible to players who have reached level 5 in the Trader role or who have done at least one sell mission as a Trader.

Players will need to buy a moonshining shack, which will look like a small home from the outside, but is really a front hiding the shack’s true purpose. Players will have new missions, either alone or with a friend in co-op, to complete to help grow their illicit business and to improve their moonshine. Rockstar says they’ll players will be able to open and customize an underground bar, complete with a dance floor and band. It sounds sort of like the nightclubs featured in GTA Online.

Illustration for article titled iRed Dead Online/i Will Let You Make And Sell Moonshine Next Week

This new role sounds very different than the currently-existing roles in Red Dead Online. Those roles don’t need a separate shack to operate, and only the bounty hunter role includes co-op missions. We will have to wait until next week to see how all of this moonshining and bartending actually work.

Rockstar also announced that on December 13 the new Outlaw pass will be added to the game. A new Navy revolver will be available too, as well as some new clothing options.

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I wonder if the shack requirement is because of Cripps constantly packing up the player’s camp and the bug that prevents the camp from spawning again. Whatever the case, I’m looking forward to this one. Hopefully it’ll all be able to work with minimal chances for other players to come in and fuck you over if you prefer to avoid that, like with Traders.