Red Bull Builds An Addition Onto PlayStation Home

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In addition to all those video games setting up shop in Sony's Home, expect to see plenty of non-game advertisers. First out of the gate is energy drink Red Bull, complete with its own game.


You might think that's a positive sign that your Home avatar will be getting 'faced on Red Bull and vodkas, but you're just a bit off the mark — maybe when the Stoli partnership ink dries. Red Bull UK brand manager John Beasley says the drink's Home presence is designed to "facilitate interaction, to give people stories, memories, experiences and a really good opportunity to interact with the brand." Killer app? Oh, most definitely.


Red Bull will have an airplane racing game playable in its Home room, one modeled after the five year old Red Bull Air Race series. We can't wait to try it out with Van Halen's "Dreams" blasting in the background.

Red Bull becomes first brand on PlayStation Home [Brand Republic]

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Now how about some game-related Home Spaces? Y'know, like the Resistance one, or the Uncharted one, or the Warhawk one, or the Street Fighter one...y'know...THOSE spaces.

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