Record Smashed as Arsenal Beat Spurs 190-Nil

Guinness and video games have made quite a partnership over the years, to the point where many of their honours now sound more like adverts. (Yes, I'm deliberately writing in UK English here.) Here, however, is one that harkens back to Guinness' old-school marathon and milestone roots: Shattering the record for margin of victory in a match of FIFA on the Xbox 360, which stood at 110 goals.


The previous record holder was not named, but if it's in FIFA 13, of course, that mark was set sometime since September. Taking it down in this video here is FIFA expert KSIOlajidebt (last seen apologising for the sexual harrassment of booth babes at Eurogamer Expo.)


As an open record, KSI was given his choice of gameplay settings and sides in the match, and chose to play Arsenal against Tottenham Hotspur. Not surprisingly, he put it on Amateur difficulty (the lowest) and gave himself 20-minute halves. I'm also guessing KSI drove all the gameplay sliders for the CPU down to about zero and his up to maximum, though if he did, that is not shown.

Of course, since Guinness is are showing this, we know KSI made the record. Spoiler alert: He scored 190 goals against an utterly hapless Tottenham side, an impressive if incredibly unsporting result. (A score of 190 would beat both teams in the NBA's highest scoring contest ever.) I appreciate how he feigns surprise at being told the final score, as if it wasn't staring at it on the screen throughout what appears to be a very extended stoppage time.

Fun fact: Tottenham Hotspur is the favoured side of Matt Bilbey, the vice president of football at EA Sports.


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Shouldn't there be a standard (default settings) for a record like this?