One of the best games I played at a recent EA showcase of dozens of games โ€” Bulletstorm! Dead Space 2! โ€” was an iPad racing game. Really.

The game is Reckless Racing and it will be released on iPhone and iPad from Swedish development studio Pixelbite. EA's Partners program is backing it. And I was playing it, at first just to do my job but then because it was a lot of fun.


It's a top-down racing game for one or more players that you can control either with presses of arrow icons in the iPad's corners or by tilting the device (go with arrows if you like your lunch to remain in your stomach). Acceleration is either automatic or activated with the press of another arrow. Press one more icon to brake.

Having played the game for only a few minutes, there's not much I can tell you about it that the game's trailer โ€” back from when it was called Deliverace โ€” doesn't also convey.

We've got multi-car top-down racing on some fun-looking tracks. My car felt like a fishtailing Matchbox car, but in a good old-school racing game kind of way. The game charmed me on the iPad because top-down race tracks on Apple's crisp tablet-sized screen look great. The game played based when I was top-down over it, having placed the iPad on a table and racing my car around the track.

The game includes support for online multiplayer, but I don't know how many players it will support.


Reckless Racing has no release date yet, but keep an eye out for it. It's a rare early iPad game worth your anticipation.