Rebellion Confirms Aliens vs. Predator Demo

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Rebellion's Alex Moore gave a quick-and-dirty "confirmed" for an Aliens vs. Predator demo, but no other details, in a lengthy interview with fan site AvPGalaxy. No timeframe was given, but one has to assume it'll be pre-release.

"There will be a demo, that's all we can say," Moore said.

Another tasty tidbit, from Rebellion's Martin Kennedy, about the game's achievements. "They've all got badass names. I think we managed to get it down so that every single achievement is from one of the films." I think the odds of ones being named "Game over, man!" "Get to the Choppah" and "What the F—- Are You?" are about 1 to 50.

Rebellion Studio Visit: Interview 2 [AvPGalaxy via CVG]

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I bet there's going to be a "Get away from her you bitch!" achievement for saving/protecting a teammate.

There should also be a "Paul W.S. Anderson" achievement if you suck at the game as a predator or alien and die 10 times in a row.