Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Is A New (Cowboy) Space Shooter

Illustration for article titled iRebel Galaxy Outlaw/i Is A New (Cowboy) Space Shooter

Double Damage, the team behind Rebel Galaxy (and that awesome Star Wars pitch from 2016) have a new space shooter on the way. It’s a prequel called Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and it looks very cool.


The original has a lot of fans and is loads of fun, but I was always a little put off by its stodgy ship design and overall aesthetic. Outlaw looks like an entirely different game set in an entirely different universe.

The cowboy influence from the first game has been jacked up past 11, and the fighter designs look fantastic. I’ve been wanting a new Privateer game for decades, and this definitely looks to be scratching the same itch.


There’s even an intro video by Titmouse (Korra, Venture Bros, etc):

It’s coming to PC, PS4 and Switch in early 2019.

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Just watched almost an hour of gameplay and i’m so glad this is coming to the Switch. It’s like if Cowboy Bebop and Star Wars had a baby, I cannot wait for this. I may get Star Link, just to scratch the itch in the meantime. I was hoping No Man’s Sky would make its way to Switch. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw came out of nowhere. (Though I know Rebel Galaxy was a PS2 game) So stoked now.