'Really Naughty' Record of Agarest War: Too Hot For GameStop?

Illustration for article titled 'Really Naughty' Record of Agarest War: Too Hot For GameStop?

Aksys Games' new role-playing game may be a little too naughty for retailer GameStop, which is allegedly putting the "Really Naughty Limited Edition" of the video game behind the counter and out of sight of those offended by barely dressed cartoons.


According to several employees who have contacted Kotaku, GameStop corporate wants to keep Record of Agarest War's limited edition package off the shelves and away from innocent eyes. The Record of Agarest War limited edition package features a more suggestive cover than GameStop may be used to, with girls wearing nothing but towels, girls offering good upskirt angles and potentially suggestive sausage eating.

Oh, and it also comes with a mousepad with tits. (See the full reveal of Record of Agarest War's limited edition right here.)

"Please place Record of Agarest War Limited Edition behind the cashwrap," reads an internal communication from GameStop management. "If a customer inquires about the game, let the customer know that you have it in stock."

Record of Agarest War is, despite its suggestive animated cut scenes, a T-rated game that features "partial nudity," "suggestive themes" and "mild fantasy violence."


For a look at Record of Agarest War beyond the titillating parts, read our preview of the game.



What the hell is it with us as a society, especially you lot in America? You'll happily have a whole TV channel devoted to animals screwing, the horrors of wars, aircraft disasters all of it quite graphic in nature.

But ohh jesus a titty appears on TV, it's the end of the world! I'm sorry but WTF is going on there? It's the same with this it's a T rated game but it's got boobies and that's evil.

People need to get a life and stop being offended by perfectly natural things.