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Probing Record Of Agarest War's Naughty Box

Aksys' Really Naughty Limited Edition of Record of Agarest War is out for the Xbox 360, and its contents are so interesting that one girl and two cats gather to see what's inside. Warning: Simulated boob poking ensues.

I thought I was just joking when I mentioned preordering this Limited Edition back when it was first announced, but apparently my subconscious wanted me to buy it. When I called GameStop to find out if there were any leftover copies of Super Street Fighter IV in stock, they reminded me (with some severe repressed laughter) that my Record of Agarest War was in.

Note that GameStop had no copies of Super Street Fighter IV for either console. The Walmart behind the GameStop had plenty.

Anyway, Record of Agarest War is now in my apartment. After this unboxing I played for about an hour.


Oh no, not this game. Super Street Fighter IV. It's awesome!

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Dr Toboggan

Seriously? That's the kind of thing you preorder online. The anonymity of the internet protects all. Now you're "That Guy" to those Gamestop employees, congrats.