Realistic Cosplay Of Futurama's Farnsworth Is Effin' Terrifying

*coughs, sips water* Good news, everyone!

The good folks over at Tested (who you may remember from their Zoidberg cosplay) created a hyper-realistic mask of Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth from Futurama, with all his ghastly proportions intact. The video above shows the exact process they went through to achieve such a phenomenal recreation. The end result is a custom-sculpted mask that looks like the frightening offspring of Dana Carvey from Master of Disguise and Geri from Geri's Game.


Here's the original for reference:

Illustration for article titled Realistic Cosplay Of emFuturamas/em Farnsworth Is Effin Terrifying

And here's the ghastly transformation:


Good work, everyone! And thank you to anyone that read this post in Farnsworth's voice.


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Needs more flags.