[Image: Studio Parfait]

We’ve seen how there are cosplay events in Japan with real explosions and fire to make photos dramatic. But, as pointed out on 2ch, there is also a studio in Sapporo that has a water room, so cosplayers can get drenched and splashed for pics.

The basement of Studio Parfait houses a “water arena,” which can be used for splashing and slushing for photos. There’s also a very small pool that can be filled.

The room costs 1,800 yen (US$16.80) per hour to rent during the week, and hot water is another 1,000 yen ($9.35) per hour. The room is also available on holidays and weekends as well as nights. There is a changing room and a shower for cosplayers to clean up afterwards.

The studio does point out that using lights and whatnot could be dangerous and advises to exercise caution, and cosplayers and photographers must accept complete responsibility for what happens while in the studio.

Have fun, take great photos, but most importantly, be safe.

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