Our Real-Time Digital Retouching Future Looks Mental

Forget Photoshopping still images, the future looks like it could be retouching moving images in real-time.


According to DesignBoom, directors Bálint Nagy and Nándor Lőrincz created what looks like a real-time digital photo manipulation of singer-songwriter Boogie as she performs her new track.


However, if you look at the video's credits, you see listings for VFX, make-up and post production. So, it's highly likely that this is CG and not quite our inevitable real-time digital retouching future. One day!

Here's how they did the video:

Illustration for article titled Our Real-Time Digital Retouching Future Looks Mental

The finished video is both amazing and unsettling—and that's probably the point!


music video for boggie shows real-time digital retouching[Design Boom]

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Andrew Hendry

Can I ask, does it bother people when you see someone on TV who doesn't meet this forced sense of beauty our media stuffs down out necks? I walk around town and never see anyone as perfect as those in magazines etc. I doubt their existence in fact. Lumps and bumps on people are far more common that the images we see on our TV, so why are they deemed more normal? Sorry, rant over. Just feel strongly about it for both sexes btw.