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Real Molyneux Pops Up At Fake Molyneux Game Jam

Illustration for article titled Real Molyneux Pops Up At Fake Molyneux Game Jam

This weekend, the Molydeux Game Jam—a wacky design fest based on the ideas of fake Twitter account (and Peter Molyneux parody) Peter Molydeux—will officially kick off in almost 30 locations worldwide.


And look who decided to show up! Molydeux Game Jam participant Sam Van Tilburgh posted this picture today of the real Peter Molyneux (best known for his work on the Fable series) making an appearance at the London event. I hope he made lots of games about feelings.


@SamVanTilBurgh [Twitter]

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It always disgusted that he received so much hate from fanboys and Fable haters. Even more that he had to abandon his position in MS to get rid of the stench from the next gen of "gamers" as they call themselves.

Peter has always been and will be a fable in the industry. Deal with it or I shall crash you by unleashing my huge animal which will be willingly trained to be eating you all ( Black & White ftw ).