Dear sweet heavens.

Redditor shnowflake, who also manages gaming-slash-baking blog The Cake is Not a Lie, is the one responsible for these beautiful Poké Puff-shaped cupcakes. The ten cupcakes took two whole days to make, but they were reportedly very tasty. I can certainly believe that.

Here are the Poké Puffs in their full glory. Deluxe Mocha:

Deluxe Spice:

Supreme Spring:

Supreme Fall:

Deluxe Sweet:

Deluxe Mint:

Fancy Spice:

Fancy Sweet:

Deluxe Citrus:

Fancy Mint:

And finally, two group photos for good measure:

AAA+, would drool at again.

Pokemon: Real Life Pokepuffs! [The Cake is Not a Lie, via Reddit]

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