Real Life Mario Kart Would Really Look Like This

There's a new contender in the battle for real world Mario Kart action, Rémi Gaillard. Master video makers Freddie Wong and friends have taken their special effects laden know-how to the track, the most realistic looking Mario Kart-meets-real life video yet.

Even if you're creeped out by floating Freddie as a Lakitu—Aaaahhh!! Those realistic eyes!!—stick with it. We've never seen red shells bank so realistically off of a go-kart safety barrier. More of Freddie W's videos are over at YouTube.

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People being more impressed with this than Remi's videos must be the same people George Lucas was trying to cater to when he went for the new Star Wars movies: all CG, no soul. I'm more impressed with someone who dresses up in a costume, goes off of set and into the wild, races with real cars, uses real props and actually puts himself at threat of arrest to make an entertaining video.

Remi's videos are great because they ARE real. This video is like "what Mario Kart looks like when you are on a closed go kart track with a really expensive camera and a surplus of time to overlay some shiny graphics".

Yeah, I've been subscribed to Freddie for a while now, and I love his videos, but this doesn't compare to Remi's. The lack of lively Mario Kart music and almost any amount of comedy in this actually almost made it boring.