Read Hideo Kojima's Full Gamescom Press Conference Intro

We liveblogged Konami's Gamescom presser and did a bang up job. But those who would rather read the full transcript of Hideo Kojima's intro and pore over every word, we've got that, too.


The exclamation points aren't ours, but Hideo's!

Gutten Tag! Hello everyone!
I am very proud to be here in Cologne to take part in the first ever Gamescom!
I thought that the GC show in Leipzig was a wonderful show, and I hope that Gamescom will be even better, more exciting European show! If this gamescom becomes a success, this is another good reason for me to come to Germany! This and the awesome sausages...oh and the beer of course!

What I want to introduce to everyone today, is Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on the PSP. Peace Walker will be a true sequel in the MGS saga. I, Hideo Kojima will not only produce, but will also work on the game design, write the story, and direct this title.

You might ask..."Why a sequel on the PSP?" One answer to this question is in the style of how people play games these days. Games are fully portable. Everyone is on the move! You can play games by yourself, or you can have fun playing with your friends…if you have any, of course! A lot of people like to play on-line using the next Gen machines too. It seems playing games socially can be a lot of fun and add a whole new dimension to the game play.

You always carry the game with you, meaning you can fully explore the game world, play against your friends, or play Co-Op whenever and wherever you feel like it! On the train, in your car, at a cafe or even in the toilet! Music, pictures, movies, phones... everything these days is portable. People are used to carrying these things with them, and can't live without them. So I thought that I wanted people to carry along MGS too. So that you can play anytime, anywhere. And that's why I decided to create MGS on the PSP.

Peace Walker on the PSP introduces a new MGS "espionage" experience, tailored just for the hand-held machine. The new trailer that I am about to show highlights one of these features, which is CO-OP gameplay. You might think that Co-Op on the PSP sounds familiar.... like Monster Hunter, but this is not about hunting. It's about working together to maintain stealth, creating a new kind of tension that you did not feel in previous MGS titles. I am confident that you will enjoy this new feeling.

In reality, special forces never do their missions alone. They work together in teams. So, as you watch, I want you to imagine how different this feeling will be when compared to an ordinary stealth game.

*insert obligatory did you like it? question*

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