You know, in Left 4 Dead, I often find myself saying, "Hey, self, where are Zoey's boobs at?" Well, Resident Evil 5 has an insta-boob-location feature that always put Sheva's ta-tas in the frame.

As you can see, not only will the Boob Locator re-center the camera on Sheva's cans, it will also circle her bazongas with a reticle and then, if you are still unclear as to the precise location of her funbags, it will reposition her knockers in better lighting so that you can always be 100 percent certain of where Sheva's sweater balloons are at all times.

In the instructions, Capcom says right trigger equals "locate partner." Oh, does that mean the "go to Craigslist at 2 am and locate a partner" partner location?

Resident Evil 5 Boob Locator [YouTube, thanks Delmar]