Last summer PC peripheral maker Razer introduced the world to the Razer Blade, a device CEO Min-Liang Tan boldly described as "the world's first gaming laptop." Well now the world's first gaming laptop is in my dining room. Let's open this baby up, shall we?


Of course we shall.

As the Blade's promised Christmas release came and went without a unit shipping, I started to wonder if this $2,800 dedicated gaming machine would ever see the light of day.


Now that it's in my dining room I can't say it'll get much sun, but it will definitely get a vigorous going over before Razer pries it forcibly out of my hands. Good luck with that, Razer. They told me investing in an automatic turret defense system was silly, but I'll show them.

Look for my initial impressions of the Blade on Monday, after I've had some time to futz about with the unit, and should you want a specific game tested out with the system, drop it in comments and I'll see what I can do.

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