Razer's Artemis is an Elaborately Sexy Way to Play Mechwarrior Online

My very first E3 2012 appointment this morning was with peripheral company Razer. At the forefront of their booth beneath a glass case sat this thing. My first question for the team: "What the hell is that thing?"

The Razer Artemis is a concept device aimed at giving players of Piranha Games' Mechwarrior Online a more immersive way to play. By the look of it, this is what Capcom should have gone with for the new Steel Battalion game instead of no controller at all.


Essentially this is a flight stick and a keypad linked together by a built-in LCD display, simulating the cockpit of a giant metal machine of mass destruction.

Razer worked with Piranha and Infinite Game Publishing to create this fully programmable concept controller, custom-built from the ground-up for one game. It's got force feedback. A button on the keypad can be pressed to shift the function of the joystick trigger. The display? Well it's very pretty and can probably be used to display maps or something.

Isn't it gorgeous?


How much will it cost? When will it come out? Will it come out? This is a concept, so Razer doesn't have to answer those questions. Just enjoy it, hit up the official website for more info, and who knows? One day it could be yours.

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