Razer Rakes in $50M, Noses Options for Going Public

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You might know them as the computer gear makers who love the color green. Or maybe as the technology futurists who had a piece of that future stolen from their labs. But Razer seems themselves as a "cult" computer brand on the cusp of now only going mainstream, but perhaps public.


The game hardware company just secured $50 million from a Beijing-based venture capital fund and executives are talking about making an initial public offering.

"We remain opportunistic and going public is one of the many routes we can take," said Razer co-founder Min-Liang Tan. "We're focused on our products and design and ultimately believe that those are key to a successful business, and the IPO process will sort itself out."

Cult video gaming firm closer to IPO [ABS]


F**K Razer products. I'll never buy another one again.

I used to be a strong supporter of them, hell I still have a FIRST EDITION copperhead that works great.

I have spent a TON of money on Razer Products over the years

Copperhead: Still Going Strong

Tarantula - Keyboard, keys don't work anymore, died after around a year into having it, they wouldn't replace it, though I just had a bad keyboard because my Copperhead was so great I decided to give them another shot. (Shit happens)

Lycosa - Still working strong (although, it does have some lighting problems)

Mamba - Gift Birthday Last Year..(from friend) Dead, doesn't charge, battery doesn't last very long (less then 3 hours charge before needing to switch back to wired)

Carcharias - Gift Birthday Last Year (from wife) .. Dead, doesn't play sound.

I got the Mamba for my birthday July 2010, around Christmas I was having issues. As it was a gift, I didn't have a receipt, and asking someone for a receipt that they wouldn't be able to produce 6 months later is kinda embarrassing. So, seeing as it had a 2 year warranty, and it came out in Feb of 2009 (I got it in July 2010, and this was December 2010, so STILL well within warranty).

They said no dice, I said that's fine, but I will be talking bad about Razer every chance I get, and I will never buy another product from them again.

3 Months later, my Carcharias broke, (we still had the purchase from best buy, so we could get the proof of purchase). I emailed them about a replacement, I sent it to them, a week later I get the product back with no note. I emailed back, and asked for a reason why my product was returned to me without a replacement.

They told me that due to it being a "wiring problem in the cord, I was abusive on it and they have voided all warranty claims on the product"

So again, Fuck Razer, I will never buy another product from them, and I have switched to back to Logitech, and will not be leaving, I love my G930 Headphones. Razer has gone down hill since the early 2000's, it seems success and fame have done BAD things to this company, and I would STAY away if you are thinking about them. Logitech makes great products, and I have YET to have one fail on me from Normal use (I had a wired usb headset that FINALLY broke after 7 years, but come on, 7 years for a 30$ headset? damn that's pretty good)