Razer Is Making Surgical Masks To Help Combat Covid-19

Not the real mask, but we can dream.
Not the real mask, but we can dream.
Image: Aooba (Amazon.com)

Gaming hardware company Razer is getting into the medical supply business, pledging to manufacture and donate up to a million surgical masks to health authorities around the world to help combat the spread of covid-19.


In a Twitter thread posted earlier today Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan said the company’s engineers and designers have been working around the clock over the past several days to repurpose a portion of its existing manufacturing lines to produce surgical masks. The company plans to reach out to medical authorities and governments in countries where Razer has a presence in order to prioritize support and mask distribution where needed most.

Hopefully, these efforts are seen as an example and other companies follow suit. Also, I hope the masks are black with green logos and LED lighting.

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Just to make sure people know this, wearing a mask will not help you against being infected. These masks are meant for people who are infected.