This is hard to watch. It’s just so freaking close.

A Heroes of the Storm player walked into one of the situations in-game that fans dream of. Four heroes from the enemy team were all clumped together, dangerously low on health, and focusing on killing on the computer-controlled boss monsters. He was playing as theStarCraft hero Jim Raynor, which made it even better. A powerful ranged assassin who can quickly burst enemies down and summon a gigantic killer spaceship to ran down hellfire on a large swath of terrain, Raynor could easily line up four almost-dead opponents and knock ‘em down like the helpless bowling balls that they are. And he almost did. But then Kerrigan happened:

Arrgggh!! Zerg monster lady Kerrigan has this infuriating ability that lets her rapidly generate shields as she’s attacking an enemy. I think this is a perfect sign of why it is such an infuriating ability.


Kerrigan, aren’t you supposed to love Raynor in StarCraft lore? Oh, the dramatic irony!