Rayman Origins' First 'Episode' Hits HD Consoles This Christmas

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Ubisoft's new direction for Rayman, revealed at its wacky E3 2010 showing, will tell the story of "the birth of an uncontrollable eggplant in a crazy world" on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this holiday. But that's not all...


For only the first episode of Rayman Origins will make its way to "HD consoles" this year. Next year, expect even more Rayman Origins, as more episodes—an increasingly popular tactic—will be made available in 2011. The UBIart Framework, a "complete 'homemade' solution for creating and editing levels and characters," used to create the latest Rayman, will apparently be released as an open source platform next year.

According to Ubisoft's official Rayman Origins site, other platforms, including the Wii, PC, iPad and Nintendo 3DS are being "considered" as things on which to play the game.


About the game [Rayman Origins]

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Of course, it's gotta be an arcade game. When did all of the big name developers decide that gamers wouldn't wanna spend 60 dollars on a high budget, long lasting game, and have something tangible to show for it, just because it doesn't take up a whole game disc? Instead, they just decide they'll spend a little money, make it relatively short, and put it up for download, releasing it in episodes so they can put it out without actually finishing it.

To me, something being only available via download is a sign that it isn't a full, worthwhile game. Every XBLA/PSN title just comes across as a side game, to be played in between full, high budget disc games. Just because it is small enough to be a download, doesn't mean it should.

I would keep going, but I feel like a broken record already. My point is, I wish developers would put more time/money/promotion into 2D, sprite-oriented games.