Illustration for article titled emRayman Legends/em Lead Designer Poses With People Protesting the Games Six-Month Delay

Rayman Legends—hotly anticipated as one of the best third-party games coming to the Wii U—was supposed to hit the Nintendo console in two weeks. But, Ubisoft announced a six-month delay for the game last week so that work can be done on porting it to the Xbox 360 and PS3—and Wii U owners have been up in arms ever since. They're mad, quite understandably. And so is Rayman's creator.


Eurogamer has pictures of Michel Ancel, the artist/designer who's responsible for the limbless hero, standing in apparent solidarity with protesters outside the Montepelier studio where Rayman Legends is being made. The article claims that the men with Ancel are members of the studio but it's unclear if that's the case. A poster with a picture of a crying Rayman pleads for a Feb 26. release for the Wii U version. The controversy around the delay got even hotter last week when an anonymous poster claiming to have worked on the game said that the dev team was also angry at the six-month slip. "If you're pissed, imagine how we feel," said EOL user Zeta69.

Michel Ancel posing with some folks outside the Ubisoft studio he runs may not change the minds of the "men in ties" that Zeta69 ranted against. But when a guy leading development on a game seems sympathetic to folks who are pissed at those same execs, it probably won't make their day either.


Michel Ancel and Rayman dev team protest Ubisoft's decision to delay Rayman Legends [Eurogamer]

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