Is it harder to upgrade a game to HD when the main character doesn't have limbs? Only Ubisoft game creator Michel Ancel can answer that one, since his signature creation—fresh off the awesome Rayman Origins—gets a shinier PS3 re-release this week. Other notable happenings inlcude a whole passel of Final Fantasy games on sale and the full Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine game available for download. The full list awaits your eyes below:

PlayStation Plus

Journey Dynamic Theme (Free)

Spring Fever Discounted Games

Rayman 3 HD (20% off)
Final Fantasy Ix (50% off)
Final Fantasy Origins (50% off)
Final Fantasy Tactics (50% off)
Final Fantasy V (50% off)
Final Fantasy VI (50% off)
Final Fantasy VII (50% off)
Final Fantasy VIII (50% off)
Final Fantasy Iv: The Complete Collection (50% off)
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions (50% off)

PS Vita Games

Sumioni: Demon Arts ($19.99)

PS Vita Demos

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Demo
Wipeout 2048 Demo
Ridge Racer 2011 E3 Interactive Demo
Shinobido 2: Revenge Of Zen Demo


PS Vita Add-Ons

MotorStorm RC MISCHIEF Vehicle Pack 1 & Singles (Vita DLC cross entitled with PS3) ($0.49-$0.99)

MotorStorm RC SPECIAL Super Car – Wasabi Lightning (Vita DLC cross entitled with PS3) ($0.25)


Blazblue: Cse – System Voice Arrange Makoto Type-A, Type-B (Vita DLC cross entitle with PS3) ($5.99)

Ridge Racer Add-On Car 04 Fatalita (Free For Gold Pass) ($1.49)

Ridge Racer Music Pack 14 Remix #2 (Free)

PS Vita Apps

Music Unlimited 30-day trial (Free)

Vita Videos

The Tester Season 3 Episode 7

PSN Games

Warriors Orochi 3 ($49.99)

Rayman 3 HD ($9.99)

Games for PlayStation 3

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Ps3 Full Game + Elite Pass (GWP) ($39.99)

Game Demos

Birds Of Steel Demo

Under Siege Demo

Rayman 3 HD Demo

Add-ons & Expansions

PlayStation Home Hellfire Games' Novus Prime Starter Pack ($4.99)

EyePet & Friends (x10) ($0.69 – $2.99)

MotorStorm RC MISCHIEF (x6) ($0.25 – $0.99)

Blazblue: Cse – System Voice Arrange Makoto Type-A, Type-B ($5.99)

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – Uss Wolfpack Uniforms ($2.99)

Disney Universe (x6) ($0.99 – $2.99)

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning – The Legend Of Dead Kel ($9.99)

Ace Combat Assault Horizon (x5) (free – $4.99)

Tales Of Graces F (x14) (free – $3.99)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 DLC (x12) (free – $2.99)

Ninja Gaiden 3 – Online Pass ($9.99)

Saints Row The Third – The Trouble With Clones (Free Entitlement For Season Pass) ($6.99)


UFC Undisputed 3 Ultimate Fights: Upsets Pack ($4.99)

Rocksmith – Born Under A Bad Sign By A. King W. S. Ray Vaughan ($2.99)

Rocksmith – Soul Man By The Blues Brothers ($2.99)

Rocksmith – The Thrill Is Gone By B.B. King ($2.99)


Grandia (Price Drop) (PS3) (now $5.99, original price $9.99)
Saints Row: The Third – Money Shot Pack (Price Change) (PS3) (now $1.99, original price $2.99)
Sam And Max – The Devil'S Playhouse – Full Season (Price Change) (PS3) (now $19.99, original price $29.99)
Myst (Price Change) (PS3) (now $12.99, original price $19.99)
Dead Block (Price Change) (PS3) (now $6.99, original price $9.99)
SkyDrift (Price Change) (PS3) (now $9.99, original price $14.99)



Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Complete Bundle ($41.99)
Mercury Hg: Heavy Elements Bundle ($4.99)
Bioshock 2 Complete Pack Bundle ($29.99)
Renegade Ops Bundle ($17.99)

Rock Band 3 tracks

  • "Down Under" – Men at Work ($1.99)
  • "Overkill" – Men at Work ($1.99)
  • "Smooth" – Santana ($1.99)

Game Videos

Journey Dev Diary 1 – A Walk With the Makers of Journey
Super Stardust Delta Launch Trailer
The Price Is Right: Decades Trailer
Yakuza: Dead Souls Mini Games Trailer
Assassin's Creed Revelations Mediterranean Map Pack Trailer
The Tester Season 3 Episode 7


PS3 Themes

Last of Us Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
Journey Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
Marvel Dynamic Theme – Iron Man ($2.99)
Abstract Dancer 2.0 Dynamic Theme ($2.99)
DPro: Big Air ($2.99)
DPro: Extreme Elevation ($2.99)
Dynamic Dragon Theme 4 ($2.99)
Dynamic Gangsters Theme 2 ($2.99)
Dynamic Gangsters Theme 3 ($2.99)


Resident Evil HD Bundle ($29.99)

PlayStation Store for PSP

PSP minis (also available from PS3 Storefront)
Sar – Search And Rescue – Minis ($2.99)


Game Videos (free)
The Tester Season 3 Episode 7

PSP Themes (also available from PS3 Storefront)
Dragon 6 PSP Theme ($1.99)
Dragon 7 PSP Theme ($1.99)