Inventor, futurist, AI theorist and all-round smart person Ray KurzweilThe Institute for the Future has launched Superstruct - an MMO that aims to find out what life will be like in the next ten years. Players create a profile - who they will be in 2019, essentially - and watch, read and learn about five possible 'Superthreats' to humanity such as famine, political unrest and pandemic. The player chooses a Superthreat to work on and then collaborates with other players to write a story detailing how we can all pull through. Or not. It's perhaps stretching the definition of 'game' a little, but it sounds fun and who knows - you might just save the world for real this time. UPDATE: This game has nothing to do with Ray Kurzweil - he just blogged about it - Superstruct is the product of the Institute for the Future Ray Kurzweil Unveils First MMO Forecasting Game [1Up]