Specular Interactive and Raw Thrills' arcade sequel to Hydro Thunder in-everything-but-name looks good in stills. But the powerboat arcade racer H2Overdrive looks amazing in motion. Let's watch some videos!

1UP has the first in-action clips of H2Overdrive and my goodness does it look lovely.

It's so Hydro Thunder-esque, from its race starting "Go! Go!! Go!!!" announcement and its boost collecting gameplay, that we hope the lawyers at Midway don't get any bright ideas about how to pay the bills at Raw Thrills' expense. (We'd suggest a console port instead!)

Specular Interactive founder Steve Ranck, who I actually seem to recall talking to via rec.games.video.arcade many, many moons ago, dishes all sorts of details on H2Overdrive to 1UP, including delicious info on the game's leveling system, new boost mechanics and speedboat stunts. It's a must-read for any Hydro Thunder fan.


More videos of the game in action here and here.

H2Overdrive Preview [1UP]