Rasslin' for Link

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As this is the weekend, let's open up with some classic Saturday-morning fare: Professional wrestling. Think that emblem on rassler Cody Rhodes' boot above is just a coincidence? Nope. Rhodes not only pays tribute to the Triforce in every bout, not only lives his professional life by its creed, he also replays The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past every year on his Super Nintendo. So when he stamps Power, Courage and Wisdom into your face, sumbitch comes by it honestly.


GoNintendo was dubious at first that Rhodes deliberately put the Triforce on his boots. But the grappler makes it pretty damn clear in the latest issue of WWE Magazine:

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"It's the Tri-Force from The Legend of Zelda," Rhodes confirmed. "You know how some people have a book they re-read every year? Well I re-play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for Super Nintendo every year. In the game, the Tri-Force symbolized power, wisdom and courage. I thought I could apply those qualities to my life."

In 1992 I actually refereed a pro rasslin' match in North Carolina. It's a long-ass story how I ended up doing that. But on the card was this clown who went by Mean Mark. Mean had Scripture printed on the ass of his trunks, which, if I was the Lord, I'd kind of grimace and nod at the sentiment but not really feel complimented, you know? Now 16 years later a value set inspired by a video game gets better treatment on a nationwide stage.

As for me, I replay Red Dead Revolver about halfway every year. It teaches me that revenge is a great and awesome goal but gets real boring after about the fourth time.

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Yep, cody's had these for a few months now, and while a few friends insisted it was "just a yellow triangle" the rest of us insisted that it indeed was the triforce of power.

Pretty neat little thing, sadly wasted on a sub par personality like Cody Rhodes. He has no charisma, no emotion, but as was said before, he can hit a dropkick.

Wait...no charisma, no emotion, no wonder they paired him with Bobcore Holly!

Santino won me over when he stole Jerry's subway sandwich in epic fashion...


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