Rare Shopping For Project Natal Designers With Twitter

Rare dropped us a line to let us know that they were now active on Twitter, posting haiku movie reviews, new game teases, and fishing for game designers who might be interested in Project Natal.

It isn't exactly rare for a game developer to show up on Twitter these days, so why is Rare so keen to get the information out? Perhaps it's their way of reminding us that they're actively working with Microsoft's Project Natal, as seen in the tweet they pointed out specifically in their email?


Rare is recruiting designers. Excited by Natal? Got loads of cool new ideas? Think differently to others? Take a look on our website.

Or perhaps they just want to make sure we don't miss out on their awesome haiku skills?

Red Cliff haiku review... Running time: six years / Even spears through chests get dull / John Woo, moar guns plz


Or maybe they just want to tease fans with unannounced projects?

Three slices so far of Nic's homemade cake to mark his nine years' service at Rare - good man. Nic's team is now hard at work on


Whatever the case may be, they certainly seem to be having fun with it, so you might want to keep track of Rare's new Twitter. Who knows when they'll announce a Project Natal-enabled sequel to Killer Instinct?

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