Rare: Just Hang On, Banjo 3's No Racer!

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Following an eruption of Banjo Kazooie 3 screenshots hemorrhaging early and messily all over the internet's white shoes, a Rare spokesperson is urging game fans not to pre-judge before the full details come out.


"Reading some of the comments, it's nice to see that people think the game is quite pretty, but its definitely not a racer, which is what some people think it is," community liaison George Kelion told Kotaku. "You're better off waiting until tomorrow, when we reveal what is for us the most spectacular feature of the game, which is the gameplay mechanic."


"There's some really good stuff coming through the pipeline... try not to jump to any conclusions, because the surprise is still yet to be revealed."

Nothing gets speculation, guessing and jumping-to-conclusions going like the promise of a surprise!

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My bigger fear is the simple idea of a changed gameplay mechaninc for BK... Did we need vehicles and waggling in the original two? Did we need to change ANYTHING in the original two? Even Nintendo knew when not to mess with something that works and left Mario and Zelda with pretty much irrelevant motion controls.

Still maybe we'll be lucky and the "new game mechanic" will be press a button to jump and another to attack! I mean it HAS been a while so maybe people have forgotten that it ever existed? Hmm yes...? no :(