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Banjo Kazooie Screenshots Leak

Illustration for article titled Banjo Kazooie Screenshots Leak

Lots of sites are posting these, I saw them on British Gaming Blog first. Here's two new screenshots from Banjo Kazooie. This follows rumors that the Xbox's "Newton" Wiimote clone is being built specifically for this title's gameplay.


Looks like some serious Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang action in the first shot. Another after the jump. Click on them for full size.

Illustration for article titled Banjo Kazooie Screenshots Leak

First Banjo 3 Screenshots [British Gaming Blog]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Jelster:Point, but let's address some others.

"1.Attach the functions to a must have game"

Good start but it takes more. Pretty much at least 60-80% of the games coming out after Newton's release need to not only support it, but use it well. No game, no matter how kick ass can sell the user base on it alone if it's only one out of maybe 10 games over the lifespan of the system to use it. This is one reason the Wiimote has done so well, for better or worse, every single game uses it. Every game.

"2.bundle the controller"

Won't happen. Microsoft is rich enough to make it happen, but the other reason behind Newton is profit and they won't throw away $50-60 dollars even if it helps expand the amount of Newton users. Controllers remain a huge profit center for all of the big three.

"3.Meanwhile ensure all new systems have the controller included."

Possible, but the price of the controller will be figured in. Again, they will not let people get it for 'free'

Newton is something that they need to be focusing on for their next system because all this speaks of is using the 360's userbase as a test bed, resulting in a few possibly very well done games and a smattering of crap.