Rapala: We Fish Makes Fishing "Wacky"

If you love fishing video games but felt that there just wasn't enough wackiness involved, then Activision's Rapala: We Fish might just catch your eye with its family-fun hook.

Due out September 29th for the Nintendo Wii, Activision is touting Rapala: We Fish as the "first fishing title developed specifically for Wii", injecting just the sort of over-the-top wacky humor that is completely absent from real fishing. Play as one of five characters or use your Mii to participate in 24 tournament events in eight locations around the world, with more than 50 "wacky" species of fish to catch, each with their own facial expressions and personalities.


That's slightly terrifying, actually.

Along with fishing, We Fish also includes a boat racing game, in which players try to knock their opponents' catches off deck as they race towards safe harbor, which is another exciting element completely absent from real fishing.

"We love Activision's fresh, colorful approach to Rapala: We Fish," said Kelly Brockpahler, Rapala. "It doesn't matter if you are a fisherman in real life, this game lets players of all ages and abilities have a ‘laugh out loud' good time!"

Check out shots of the pack-in rod controller and box below, and keep an eye out (ouch) for Rapala: We Fish next month.


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